Tuition & Team-building

Dale runs classes several times a week catering to students of all different skill levels.

  • Tuesday evenings 6;00pm till 8;30pm
  • Thursday mornings 9;30am till 12;30
  • Saturday mornings is for the more advanced students that can manage on their own, with guidance from Dale every alternate Saturday.
  • Each student is taught individually and encouraged to explore and allow their own personal styles to develop.

All aspects of ceramics are taught.Handbuilding, Wheel work and Sculpture are covered.Various firing techniques are explored on a regular basis with great fun had by all.

The studio atmosphere is relaxed and warm with all students able to enjoy themselves and be wonderfully creative at the same time.There is a coffee shop attached to the studio which handles all the refreshment needs of all the students.

Team building functions are held regularly and are tailor made for the groups specific needs.

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